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Summer Gazpacho

by on July 10, 2010

It’s way too warm too blog… But the perfect weather for this gazpacho.

The approximate recipe (the nice thing about gazpacho is that you don’t need to be very precise).

In a food processor or blender- you’ll probably need to work in batches- , combine about 10 peeled tomatoes*, 1 cucumber, and 4 bell peppers, and process for about half a minute to a minute. Add about 6 slices of (crustless) old bread, and process for a bit. Add vinegar (I used white balsamico), lemon juice, pepper and salt to taste, then drizzle in extra virgin olive oil until the mixture resembles an emulsion.

Another traditional ingredient to add to the gazpacho is onion, but I have some trouble digesting raw onion, so I skipped it. You can also add garlic.

Serve with decorations: cucumber, tomato and bell pepper in small cubes, plus whatever else you think will taste good (I still had some salami, though chorizo would be more appropriate. I also bought lemon-filled olives for this purpose, but completely forgot about them).

Serve cold: you can let it cool down by putting it in the fridge for an hour or so, or you can also just serve it directly over ice.

*to peel tomatoes, cut a cross on top, then submerge them in boiling water for 30 seconds. Rinse them under cold water, and you should be able to peel the skin off easily.


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