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Our decadent Easter weekend

by on April 5, 2010

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1. When I came home around 1 a.m. on Friday night (after a nice curry dinner at my brother’s place, followed by the Johannes Passion), the smell of freshly baked bread welcomed me. BF rules that way.

2. See previous post. Made these for BF’s D&D buddies on Saturday afternoon.

3. Ok, we make these all the time. I love these mugs,  they date back to my mom’s student days.

4. Dinner on Saturday: polenta, rollade, beans, yum.

5. Mm, pancakes. Best combination of toppings? Cream cheese and honey. Though appelstroop (thick apple syrup), banana and raisins was a close second. Also: these were whole-wheat, and I’m a convert. They have so much more taste!

6 & 7. I can’t defend these in any way though, except by saying they were delicious. Next time I’ll use less sugar for the cookies though – together with the icing, it was a bit much. Also, I learned a lesson: when making icing, start with the powdered sugar, THEN add liquid (I ended up finishing a whole package of icing sugar, and with about 4 times too much icing). Recipe below

8, 9 & 10. Mango smoothie, before, after, and just before being slurped down.


Mix 200 g all-purpose flour (bloem), 125 g softened butter (zachte/gesmolten boter), 90 g light brown sugar* (90 g lichte of witte basterdsuiker), the zest of 1 lemon (rasp van 1 citroen), a pinch of salt, and 1 egg (ei) to form a smooth dough. Refrigerate for half an hour, then roll out to about 1/2 a cm thick (+/- 1/5 inch), and cut out shapes (alternatively, form little balls and press them down to about that thickness, to make round cookies). Bake for about 12 minutes at 180° C (350 F). Make icing by adding lemon juice to icing sugar, and glaze the tops of the cookies after they’ve cooled down a bit. Source: Allerhande 03 2010

*I in fact used “witte basterdsuiker”, which would be white brown sugar, but that just sounds weird. I used 115 g (already less than the 125 suggested in the recipe), but I think  90 g should be enough. Maybe you could even go as low as 75 g.


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