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Dinner with friends

by on March 20, 2010


with hummus (even made the tahini ourselves):

then: rösti with grilled vegetable salad

For desert, we had milkshake, which unfortunately ended up partly on the floor, and due to the mess I forgot to take a picture.

The theme of the dinner? “Let’s inaugurate the Magimix!”

We bought this baby, and we used it to make the hummus, to grate the potatoes for the rösti, to slice the vegetables very thinly, and of course to make the milkshake. BF and his sister thought this was done by putting 1 liter of ice cream, 1 liter of milk and the frozen strawberries in the food processor and to turn it on. I talked them down to 1/2 a liter, but didn’t add that it would probably be wise to start with the ice-cream and strawberries and then add the milk gradually… hence the mess. Still, the hummus was delicious and really easy (we’ve made another batch since), the company was great, and I’m loving my new toy.


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