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Chocolate Truffles

by on January 30, 2010

My first attempt at chocolate truffles! I followed this recipe, scaled up a little bit because I wanted to use two Droste chocolate letters (total weight: 270 g) which I bought for cheap recently. I made two kinds: coffee/mocha and whiskey. The latter turned out extra boozy, because I forgot to divide the quantity of liquor by two.

I’m glad they turned out ok, especially since the cream, butter, and chocolate didn’t seem to mix at all in the beginning, but after about 5 minutes of stirring gently it came together to form a beautiful, glossy paste.

I used a melon baller and a small spoon to make the balls. I bought the melon baller for expressly this purpose, but I suspect two small spoons would have worked fine as well.

Makin' balls

Rolling the balls in the cacao was the easiest part, and they assumed a real truffle-like shape almost magically.

And voila!

Note: the truffles were delicious, and the texture was exactly right when eaten straight out of the fridge, but they got melty at room temperature. Next time, I’ll use the 2:1 ratio of chocolate to cream recommended at cooking for engineers, but I think I’ll keep the butter – or shouldn’t I?


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